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07852238463 info@ayymangroup.co.uk


  • I was fortunate enough to attend the Bosnia tour with Ayyman Group. Their exceptional care and customer focused approach means they’re second to none in the travel industry. The team are very down to earth and facilitate for everyone, making sure you have a fruitful and memorable trip. The standard of hotels and transportation far exceeds expectations. You will never regret booking with ayyman group and will create memories for life.

    Shah Alam
    Bosnia Tour Oct 2019
  • I have got nothing but praise for Ayyman group, who took us to Jerusalem. I took my family with me including 4 children and they are all under 10 years of age. I was expecting this visit to be challenging in many different ways but effective communication, patience and leadership of people related to Ayyman group made the visit one of the best experiences we ever had. All the arrangements at any point were much beyond expectations. I am more than happy to recommend Ayyman group to anyone.

    Mr M N Ashraf
    Walsall (May 2016 Group)
  • The May Al Aqsa group was an absolutely privilege to be a part of. It is the best group I’ve been involved in and I’ve been part of quite a few. From the fantastic Hashimi Hotel and its staff and food to the guided tours with Sheikh Saleh, and the all inspiring Sister Abeer’s speech it has been an absolute honour to have had this opportunity. To top it all off the visit to the orphanage was a humbling experience. That’s even before I’ve marvelled at the al aqsa sanctuary itself. A truly wonderful experience.

    Luton (May 2016 Group)
  • The journey to the blessed land Masjīd al-Aqsā with Ayyman group was absolutely fantastic. They are well organises group and before the departure I was given a step by step mandatory guideline for each day what we will be going through which was very helpful and much appreciated. It was my first time going with this group and I have experienced alot things that inspired me for going again with the same organisation and I would recommend for other’s to go.

    Mohammad Aziz
    Luton (May 2016 Group)